Stretches For Your Neck--Anterior Scalene Stretch

Your Scalene Muscles are in the front of you neck. There are 3 muscles that make up the scalenes. They are the anterior, middle, and posterior scalenes. The anterior scalene attaches to the front of your neck at the C3-C6 levels and goes to the first rib. In addition to your lymph nodes, a group of nerves called your brachial plexus runs under the anterior scalene muscle. If this muscle gets too tight, it will compress the nerves and cause thoracic outlet syndrome.

How To Stretch the Anterior Scalene:

1.) Rotate head 45 degrees or almost as much as you can
2.) Look up toward ceiling
3.) Should feel stretch in front of neck
4.) Hold for 20 seconds
5.) Repeat for opposite side
Stayed tuned for the next Blog: How to stretch the Posterior Scalene Muscle....
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