Ultrasound therapy is another great therapy that is used in a chiropractic office. What makes ultrasound so great is how deep it's effect can go to create healing. Ultrasound works by using sound waves that penetrate deep to the area of injury. Different settings allow treatment of acute, sub-acute, and chronic injuries. Blood flow increases and new nutrients are brought to start healing. Inflammation and pain are decreased and range of motion is increased. Ultrasound is a great treatment option for arthritis, neuromas, adhesive scars, and many other conditions.
The procedure is easy. The area of skin needs to be exposed so sometimes you will be asked to wear a gown to protect your clothing, and all jewelry needs to be removed. Sound waves are delivered through a wand and a gel is used to transmit the sounds waves. You should not feel anything other than some slight warmth and the gel being spread around in a circular motion. The only occasional problem is the gel makes a mess:), but it worth how much better you feel.
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