Stretches for Your Neck--Trapezius Stretch

Getting into a daily habit of stretching will keep you out of trouble. I see many cases of neck and shoulder pain that could be drastically improved with simple stretching. I am going to teach you 6 of the best stretches I could find for your neck. I like these stretches because they do a great job of isolating the many muscles in your neck. I only teach one stretch at a time to my patients. I would rather make sure you know exactly what to do so you will be able to use these stretches for years to come.

So, the first stretch is the Trapezius Stretch:

The Trapezius Muscle goes from the top of your neck down to the middle of your back and out to your shoulder on both sides of your back. This muscle is the most superficial, which means it is closest to your skin. If you touch the area between your neck and shoulders, you are probably touching the Trapezius Muscle. This muscle frequently gets tight when you are stressed or angry. If you sit at a desk looking at a computer for most of the day and have poor posture, then the trapezius muscle will be affected.

How to Stretch the Trapezius Muscle:

1) Pull arm (behind you) to side
2) Bend head to side you are pulling
3) Rotate head to opposite ceiling hold for 20 seconds
4) Repeat 1 through 3 for opposite side

My next Blog will teach you how to stretch the Levator Scapulae Muscle, which is ALWAYS involved in neck pain.....

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