Electrical Stimulation

I have many treatments available to help patients who are in pain. A common treatment used in a Chiropractic office is Electrical Stimulation or Interferential Current. Sticky pads are placed on areas of muscle spasm that contribute to low back pain. A light current is administered through wires into the pads. It feels really good, and hot moist heat packs or ice are placed on top of the pads depending on the condition. When your muscles are tight or in spasm, they are inflammed. Electrical stimulation works your muscles at a sub-cellular level (you won't feel this) until your muscles fatigue and give up. When your muscles give up, the inflammation drains from the muscle. Inflammation takes up space and puts pressure on your nerves, which causes pain. Electrical stimulation also interferes with nerve conduction velocity, which is the rate at which you feel pain signals from the brain. It slows it down and therefore reduces the amount of pain you are feeling.

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