Detoxification Program

Detox programs are all the rage right now. However, they have been around early in our history and in many cultures. We as humans are not as healthy as we were 50 years ago. The air we breathe, the pesticides in our food, and the chemicals in our environment are decreasing our quality of life. Toxins are the bad guys that are converted to free radicals in our bodies.

It is the liver's job to get rid of all the toxins that we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis. However, these days the liver is over burdened. Toxins are brought to the liver where they go through 2 phases that make them harmless. After this process in the liver, they are simply excreted from your body.

What happens is that the liver gets backed up. When the liver is backed up it desperately stores these toxins or free radicals into our fat. Then when we burn a little more energy than normal and use our fat stores, the toxins are released into the blood stream where they attack our organs. This causes our body to undergo oxidative stress, which some theorize can lead to cancer.

The idea of a detoxification program is the cleanse the liver to make it more efficient. Supplements are used to release all of the junk that is backed up into the liver. Other supplements, known as antioxidants, find these free radicals and turn them into the harmless substances they were supposed to be in the first place. Antioxidants are the good guys and free radicals are the bad guys.

It is important to put as little load on the liver as possible while it is being cleaned out. Therefore, a strict diet must be followed. There are many different types of programs that are recommended. Some involve only liquids over a short period of time. I prefer a less demanding program that allows a reasonable variety of foods. You just follow the plan for a longer amount of time.

I have to warn you. If you decide to undergo a detox program, you will probably lose weight and be healthier. Your skin will probably clear up, your aches and pains will decrease, and over time you will have more energy. The first 2 weeks are usually not very fun, but once you get over the hump, you will probably suffer some of the above side effects.

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