Monday, April 13, 2009

Wii Injuries

As the spring holiday season comes into focus, lots of families are spending time together at parties and gatherings. One activity that has become increasing popular as of late is playing games on the Nintendo Wii. Wii is really fun because it is indoors, requires less physical exertion, and does not require buying or finding the proper equipment to play a particular sport. You just use the controller (as the particular equipment) that the Wii comes with to play sports like bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, and many more.

As competition increases trying to beat your family members, it is easy to get carried away and hurt yourself. I have done this myself, and so have many of my new patients. I have seen a lot of injuries lately from playing Wii. My sister suggested I rename my practice to Carter Chiropractic and Wiihab (instead of rehab:)). People have injured their necks, shoulders, elbow, mid and low backs in the throws of competition.

In order to avoid injury, here are a couple of tips....When you play a new sport, you are going to use muscles that you do not normally exert. This will make them sore. Make sure to warm up before you play with some light cardiovascular activity and some stretching. ONLY play one or two games, and then wait a day or two before playing again. Then, depending on how sore you are, play two or three games. Build up SLOWLY the amount of games you play and the effort you use to play.

If you feel you are straining yourself at all when you are playing, then STOP. If you know that you "overdid it", put ice on the injured area and give my office a call. Make sure to stay out of the hot tub. That will usually make you worse.

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